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Standard Clubhouse


Our Standard Clubhouse is an interior-only space with a minumum size of 4ft x 6ft.

Clubhouse with Patio


The Clubhouse with Patio Suite offers the same minumum 4x6 interior space with a 4x4 outdoor Patio that serves as an additional living area.

Jumbo Clubhouses

Have a large dog or more than one pet boarding together?
We have 4 Standard Clubhouses and 4 Clubhouse w/Patios that measure 5x6ft. We reserve these at our discretion to those guests who need the additional space.  Maximum of 2 large dogs or 3 small/medium dogs per Clubhouse (150lb maximum total weight).

Plenty of Exercise

Each guest gets a minimum of 3-4 potty breaks as well as at least two 30-45 minute play time sessions in either our indoor or outdoor play yards.  (A total of 5-6 outings a day!) Additional walks and/or play yard time is available for an additional charge.

Kuranda Cots or Decks

We provide raised Kuranda Cots or Kennel Decks in each clubhouse.  You are welcome to bring your dog's bed or blanket to make them feel more at home, as well as any toys or treats you want them to have during their stay.

Meals & Meds

We feed twice a day, to your specifications, and do not charge an additional fee for administering medications.  

We highly recommend that your bring your dog's regular food so that we do not upset their stomach with a sudden change in diet.  There is an additional charge for our premium House food.

Per Diem Pricing

there is a $5 DISCOUNT FOR an additional dog in the same kennel. Your dog's check in day is counted as the first day regardless of AM or PM check in time. Pets picked up by 9am are not charged for that day. pets picked up during our afternoon hours will be charged for a 1/2 day. (This charge is not reflected on your reservation receipt as it is computed at check out.) please note that our office is closed on saturday afternoon and sunday morning.

Day Boarding


Grooming Services

Exit Bath & Blowdry


It's just what it says it is - a simple Bath & Blowdry before going home!  Does not include brush out or full grooming.

Short Haired - $15

Long Haired - $30

Nail Trim / Dremel


We are happy to trim or dremel your dog's nails if we can do so without muzzling or too much restraint.  


The Uppity Pup


Everyone needs a Spa Day, and you can schedule one for your dog right across the street!

The Uppity Pup


Golf Cart Ride


For those dogs who love the wind in their face!  A 10 min golf cart ride around the farm - $5

Additional Play Time


Just can't get enough?
Additional 30 min play yard time - $10

Bedtime Treat & Tuck In


A little extra lovin' at lights out and a bedtime treat - $2.50

Important Information


We recommend DHLPP, Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations for our guests.  However, we are a minimum vaccine facility, and understand that older pets, and some with certain medical conditions, should not get annual vaccines.  We are happy to accept a Titer Report or an Exemption from your vet.

EMAIL RECORDS TO : cccvetrecords@gmail.com

We do not have a fax machine.

Check In Day

Your dog's check in day is counted as their first full day, regardless of AM or PM check in time, as the Clubhouse is being held for them all day.  If you bring your dog during our AM hours, they will have a full day of play and time to adjust prior to bedtime.  If you must drop off towards the end of our PM hours, please make sure your pet has already eaten dinner.

Check Out Day

Pets picked up by 9am will not be charged for that day.  Pets picked up during our afternoon hours (4-6pm) will be charged for 1/2 day.  The reservation confirmation receipt that you receive does not reflect the final day's charge; it will be computed at check out.   If you need to arrange for a special drop off or pick up time outside our normal hours, that may be arranged for an additional charge.

Aggressive or Territorial Dogs

We are not staffed or trained to handle dogs that display aggression towards people or other dogs, or who might become territorial in a kennel environment.  If you have any concern about your dog's behavior, please discuss it with us before making a reservation.

Minimum Age

Puppies who have completed their initial vaccination routine, usually around 12-16 weeks of age, are welcome!

Special Needs

No strangers to animal husbandry, we pride ourselves in our ability to care for special needs pets.  We administer medications, including injections, at no additional cost.

Hours of Operation

Because we are a family owned and operated business, live on site, and also have a horse training operation, we have scheduled office hours for Pick Up and Drop Off.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation adhering to those times.  There is an additional charge for a special drop off or pick up time, schedule permitting.

Holiday Minimums & Deposits

Due to our limited capacity, we require a 3-night minimum and a $75 non-refundable deposit for the following holiday periods:
Spring Break, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years.  The deposit is required to guarantee your reservation.

Food Storage

We recommend that you provide your dog's regular food - either in individual baggies per meal or just enough in a large ziplock bag or two for their stay.  We do not have room in our kitchen for large bags or personal containers of dog food.  (Exception:  large or multiple dogs staying an extended period of time.)

Personal Items

We are happy for you to bring your dog's bed, blanket, a toy or two and any treats you'd like for us to give him/her during their stay.  Please label all personal items and know that we are not responsible for anything lost or damaged.

Excessive Clean Up

Your dog will have a minimum of 5-6 opportunities per day to use the bathroom, either on a leash walk or in one of our play yards.  Dogs who repeatedly mess up their kennels - above and beyond what we consider normal or expected, whether due to lack of house training, incontinency, male "marking" or any other medical condition - will be charged an additional $10/day to cover the staff’s time to keep their Clubhouse sanitary. 

Grooming Delivery

We'll gladly deliver and pick up your dog from their regular groomer within a 10mi radius of CCC for $25.  

Don't have a regular groomer?  Check out The Uppity Pup right across the street!

The Uppity Pup