Online Reservation Request

This online reservation portal is a convenient way for you to place a RESERVATION REQUEST.  In order to avoid any confusion, we recommend you read every single word of this, as we cannot be held responsible for whatever might happen if you don't!  

Here is what will happen:

  • You'll submit a reservation request and you will get a receipt that reflects the cost minus the final day's charges, which is computed at check out.  This receipt IS NOT a conformation that you have a room.
  • We will receive your request and will APPROVE or DENY it based on our availability.  Approvals are generally made the same day, or within 24 hours.  
  • If we do not reply within 24 hours, something went wrong.  Call us.
  • If we have to deny the request, we will follow up with a personal email to make sure that you know that you do not have a reservation.  
  • If your stay is during a holiday week (see list of holidays on the  Services & Pricing page), we will contact you to get a credit card number for the $75 non-refundable deposit.  If we do not collect a deposit, your reservation is not confirmed.  
  • If APPROVED, you will receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL that says "Good News!  Your reservation is approved!" among other things.  If you do not get that email, we might not have received your request and YOU DO NOT HAVE A RESERVATION.
  • 2 days prior to your reservation you should receive a REMINDER EMAIL and TEXT MESSAGE.  We have a 48 hour cancellation policy, so that is the time you need to contact us to make any changes without incurring a one-night's fee.  

Your dog's check in day is counted as their first full day, regardless of AM or PM check in time, as the Clubhouse is being held for them all day.  If you bring your dog during our AM hours, they will have a full day of play and time to adjust prior to bedtime.  If you must drop off during our PM hours, we highly recommend that the be fed dinner prior to arrival, and that you bring them as early as possible, so that they have some time to settle in before our end of day.  

Pets picked up by 9AM are not charged for that day.  Pets picked up during our afternoon hours are charged for a 1/2 day.  The final day's charge is not reflected on your reservation confirmation receipt as it is computed at check out. Please note that our office is closed for pick up and drop off on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

This reservation link operates best from a computer or tablet.  It will not work from a smart phone.  PREFERRED INTERNET BROWSERS:  Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (it's not crazy about Safari).  

ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FIRST, then select BOARDING or DAY CARE from the Category List,  and you will be redirected to the New Customer Registration Portal. 

Thank you for taking a few minutes to fill out your Pet's Profile as completely as possible, and be sure to choose the correct SIZE CATEGORY (Small - Medium - Large) for your dog so that the right charges will be reflected on your receipt.


Technology is AWESOME - until it's NOT!  If you have any trouble with this online registration and booking request, please feel free to call us at 205-258-2582 or email your boarding request to